NicQuick Nicotine | Cotinine Rapid Test | DCT-102


NicQuick Nicotine | Cotinine Rapid Test | DCT-102

NicQuick Nicotine | Cotinine Rapid Test

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The NicQuick test cassette from Alere Toxicology is a disposable device that will test for the presence of Cotinine in a person’s system via urine to determine if they have used tobacco within the previous one to three days, depending on your drug testing policy. The device will detect Cotinine (a substance that remains in the body fluids after the usage of nicotine) in someone's urine by a cut-off the concentration of a concentration level of 200 ng/mL from cigars, dipping tobacco, cigarettes, pipe smoking, or chewing. The process is straightforward to perform. Insurance friendly and perfect for home, school, workplace, or institutional use. NicQuick nicotine test kit has replaced and is comparable to the SmokeCheck test cassette. The NicQuick test kit comes with 40 tests and 40 disposable droppers. The average shelf life at room temperature of 12-18 months.

Key Features:

  1. Accuracy is 99% accurate.
  2. NicQuick test will detect cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoking and is also a chewing tobacco test.
  3. Results in five minutes.
  4. DCT-102 screens for COT.
  5. No special training is required.

How to Use:

  1. The urine sample is collected.
  2. The test administrator uses the disposable dropper (included with the test kit) to collect a small part of that sample and drops that sample into the cassette.
  3. Five minutes, read your 99% accurate results.

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