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Department Of Transportation (DOT) Drug Testing Program

How it works


To enroll, simply click the 'Enroll Today' button below and fill out the provided form.


You will be provided with credentials, policies, and educational materials!


Have your drivers complete the policy and educational booklets. 


You can conveniently sign in online anytime and register your donor or applicant for their drug test. Once registered, we will notify you when it's time for a random test.

Our registration process is quick, taking less than 24 hours. Our team consists of retired auditors and drug testing experts dedicated to assisting you in becoming compliant. If you need to complete the online reasonable suspicion training mandated by 49 CFR 382.603, kindly select that option while filling out the form.

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We have been in business for over 40 years, all thanks to our loyal clients. We are always here to assist you!

All Our DOT Drug Testing Programs Include

    • DOT-compliant written policy

    • Online program management

    • Random consortium / random selection

    • Medical Review Officer Services

    • Free audit support

    • Access to our network of 23,000 collection sites
    • Educational material for drivers
    • Substance abuse professional (SAP) location
    • Compliance support from the retired auditor(s)
    • 24/7 emergency testing support
    • electronic chain of custody management 

    About Our DOT Testing Program

    Are you unsure about the compliance of your drug testing program with DOT regulations? Partnering with us assures your DOT compliance. Each USDOT agency has unique rules and guidelines concerning random ratios, policy development, training, and educational requirements for employees and supervisors. Our nationwide programs are easily accessible online, and we ensure that DOT employees complete specific components to maintain the compliance level. Our programs guarantee compliance and successful audits, whether you have one employee or 10,000. We customize programs for you that run automatically, keeping you compliant for as long as you need. Contact your I Drug Screen representative or find more information about USDOT agencies below.

    DOT Agencies We Service


    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

    Find out more about the FMCSA below.

    Federal Railroad Administration 

    Find out more about the FRA below.


    Federal Transit Administration

    Find out more about the FTA below.


    Federal Aviation Administration 

    Find out more about the FAA below.


    Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety 

    Find out more about PHMSA below.
    united states dot

    The United States Coast Guards 

    Find out more about USCG Below.

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    With over 40 years in business thanks to our loyal clients, we are here for you!