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How legally defensible are your Rapid Drug Test Kits?
Our On-site rapid drug tests kits are for screening purposes only. For a 99.9% accurate and forensically defensible test we recommend you send your specimen to a SAMHSA Certified Lab for GC/MS confir
I don't know how to use the Drug Test Kit I ordered. What should I do?
I Drug Screen includes Product Inserts and Procedure cards on each Item. The product inserts and procedure cards can also be found in our knowledge base or linked in the description of the product on
I want to test for Valium and Xanex, which Drug Test Kit should I choose?
You should choose the BZO (Benzodiazepines) drug test panel.
If my employee tests positive on the Rapid Drug Test, what is the next step?
You company should already be set up with our recommended SAMSHA Approved Drug Testing Laboratory and MRO (Medical Review Officer) service before this happens. IDrugScreen can assist you with setting
What are the chain of custody forms?
A chain of custody form is a drug result form that records positive and negative results for drugs being tested for. We offer the chain of custody form in two forms either carbon copy or a pdf format
What happens if a faint line appears on a Rapid Drug Test?
If a faint line appears on a Rapid Drug Test, it is considered negative. However, if you are concerned or still have questions, you can send the Drug Test Specimen to our recommended SAMSHA Certified
What happens if no control line appears when I run the Drug Test?
The On-site Urine Drug Test is invalid and another Rapid Drug Test should be used.
Which is more reliable or effective the Integrated Drug Test Cup or the Dip Card Drug Tests?
They are both reliable; FDA 510K & up to 99% accurate.